​​Current News

Kickballs will be on Sale for $15 each! Please message me on Facebook CCU page for more details!

A Free Skills Clinic will be held Dec 9th and Jan 13th.

Scoreboard sheets added to the forms Page!

Updated the CCU LMK League Bylaws

Welcome to the Home of the 2021 Teenage Champions!

​​​​​Allstars 2024

*2024 State All-Star Information Update*

Allstar Practices -June 10th

Alllstars Rosters - June 12th

Binder Due- June 18th

​Allstar Opening Ceremonies 27th
All Stars June 28th-30th

​        -State Allstars Hosted by Austin

2024 Peewee Exhibition TBD

-​​​​​​​​​2024 IMPORTANT DATES

​**Kickballs will be available for sell**

Registration: Online Nov 1st

Registration: In Person Feb 3

Tryouts: Feb 8th and 10th

Draft: Feb 12th & 13th

Sponsorships-- Feb 21st

Coach Clinc- Jan 28th

Teams May Practice On- Feb 19th 2024

Opening Cermonies - March 16th 2024

Picture Day - March 16th 2024

Games Can Start- March 18th 2024

2024 CCU Bash Tournament (Jr,Sr,Ta Division) 

           April 12th-14th


2nd Half of Season Begins - TBD

  • Peewee plays with junior rules (2nd Half Jr Rules with exception of no more than six (6) innings and no inning will begin after 50 minutes of playing time)
  • Coaches, please start to review players for all-star potential candidates. (Article 8 League By-laws)

Scholarship Applications (Corporation) Due April 20th

Scholarship Applications (Corporation) Due April 20th

2023 CCU PW Exhibition-  TBD

End of the Season- June 7th

Junior / Senior Allstar Exhibition June 7 6:30/7:45pm

Closing Ceremonies - June 4th at 6pm at United


2024 Board of Directors

President: Annette Wiley

Vice President: Ron Allen

Secretary: Jessica Ortiz*

Treasurer: Mary Perez

Player Agent: Jessica Ortiz*

League Coach: Cynthia Sundholm

Rules Director: Jacob Ybarra

Field Director: Open

Public Relations: Open

Sponsorship Coord: Open

League Umpire: Open

At Large

At Large: Samuel Limon

At Large: Roland Ortiz

At Large: Caleb Bishop

At Large: Deandre Cage

At Large: Brianna Allen

Concessionaire: Glenda Orr

Technology: James Higginbotham

Score Keeper: Mishunda Luckerson

Regular Meritorious Members:

Will Polk​


*Holds two seats