2024 Board of Directors

President: Annette Wiley

Vice President: Ron Allen

Secretary: Jessica Ortiz*

Treasurer: Mary Perez

Player Agent: Jessica Ortiz*

League Coach: Cynthia Sundholm

Rules Director: Jacob Ybarra

Field Director: Open

Public Relations: Open

Sponsorship Coord: Open

League Umpire: Open

At Large

At Large: Samuel Limon

At Large: Roland Ortiz

At Large: Caleb Bishop

At Large: Deandre Cage

At Large: Brianna Allen

Concessionaire: Glenda Orr

Technology: James Higginbotham

Score Keeper: Mishunda Luckerson

Regular Meritorious Members:

Will Polk​


*Holds two seats



Welcome to the Home of the 2021 Teenage Champions!

​​Current News

Kickballs will be on Sale for $15 each! Please message me on Facebook CCU page for more details!

A Free Skills Clinic will be held Dec 9th and Jan 13th.

Scoreboard sheets added to the forms Page!

Updated the CCU LMK League Bylaws

​​​​​Allstars 2024

*2024 State All-Star Information Update*

Allstar Practices -June 10th

Alllstars Rosters - June 12th

Binder Due- June 18th

​Allstar Opening Ceremonies 27th
All Stars June 28th-30th

​        -State Allstars Hosted by Austin

2024 Peewee Exhibition TBD

-​​​​​​​​​2024 IMPORTANT DATES

​**Kickballs will be available for sell**

Registration: Online Nov 1st

Registration: In Person Feb 3

Tryouts: Feb 8th and 10th

Draft: Feb 12th & 13th

Sponsorships-- Feb 21st

Coach Clinc- Jan 28th

Teams May Practice On- Feb 19th 2024

Opening Cermonies - March 16th 2024

Picture Day - March 16th 2024

Games Can Start- March 18th 2024

2024 CCU Bash Tournament (Jr,Sr,Ta Division) 

           April 12th-14th


2nd Half of Season Begins - TBD

  • Peewee plays with junior rules (2nd Half Jr Rules with exception of no more than six (6) innings and no inning will begin after 50 minutes of playing time)
  • Coaches, please start to review players for all-star potential candidates. (Article 8 League By-laws)

Scholarship Applications (Corporation) Due April 20th

Scholarship Applications (Corporation) Due April 20th

2023 CCU PW Exhibition-  TBD

End of the Season- June 7th

Junior / Senior Allstar Exhibition June 7 6:30/7:45pm

Closing Ceremonies - June 4th at 6pm at United